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Geomancy – word meaning and relation to habitat design

Very often, the word meaning by the term geomancy dowsing, the dowsing, mentioned in one breath, equated with this or even „reversed“. For this reason, I would like to define in more detail the geomancy from my lived experience and perception out and show that geomancy as word phrase, in the truest sense as a „preamble“ for many topics in connection with the earth (geo), nature and life itself stands. These areas are formed from the original relationship and encounter of man with his natural environment, the landscape, the flora and fauna, its habitats and the awareness that everything we perceive and recognize through our senses, from a natural, all-powerful and creative was born and developed power.

Form and shape by the elements earth, fire, air and water our planet and all natural forms of life as we experience it and learn all these forces.

These elemental forces and natural energies give us people’s lives and enable us to our natural environment, in harmony with the forces of nature and in harmony with Mother Earth, consciously experience our habitat and our own lives.

Geomancy is the perception and recognition of all forms of creation of life that have emerged from our earth , whether created by the natural evolution or man-made for me .

All these forms of creation , which we perceive through our senses and recognize originate divine origin , whether they face life and human beings as physical appearance , to connect with their spirit with us , or reveal their true identity on her soul .

A true encounter and a creative work of man , the earth , the landscape and its habitats and his life can make itself beneficial , active and powerful.

Geomancy is a conscious encounter of earth , humans and habitat
Space Earth and Air
Bildnachweis: Foto von Stephan Andreas Kordick

Here’s a little history:

As I drove the Bavarian Forest in the spring of 1999 with a friend for a hike in the National Park, I told her while driving about my plans to open a Tagescafe, which should be established and designed on geomantic principles. Since she is an interpreter by profession and dealt with very languages and culture, she said not even after what is geomancy or means but translated this word immediately in their own way. Your wording was :, „Geo“ means „earth“ and „Mantie“ means something like „true magic“ or „true mystery“. „Is that so?“ Was her question.

Whether it is true that, at that time I could not answer, but the definition liked it very much. Firstly, because it was made by a man who had never come with geomancy up to this point in contact, and secondly, because they of my mind, is „true secret of the earth“, the infected geomancy going out Language out recognized or rather revealed.

Such was the concept of „true mystery“ for me on the one side a contradiction, on the other hand a challenge to explore these texts and to decipher its meaning. My results I would like to describe in greater detail in this way, to give you the range of geomancy comprehensible and understandable.

As is well known, the earth, nature, our rooms and life itself still hold many secrets within itself which have not yet been discovered and deciphered by humans. These hidden and undiscovered energies, essential powers and natural, biological, geological and climatic relationships, which we could not unravel, forming a secret that has not yet been revealed to us. Only when we have various relationships piece by piece captured, recognized and perceived with all the senses, only then is a mystery tangible and understandable knowledge. Then we speak of truth, reality, authenticity and accuracy because we can explain and understand.

Realizing this, I define the term geomancy for me as „the true secrets (Mantie) earth (Geo)“, which can be analyzed and explored by the perception, so an in-depth observation and research. The experience gained then flow into the planning, construction and design of the living space a be it a city, a village, a landscape, a house, an apartment, a business, a company or a garden.

Geomantie Beratung Geomantie Ausbildung Stephan Kordick asimo Geomantie
Bildnachweis: Foto von Stephan Andreas Kordick

The term „geomancy“ or the employment is so for this reason for me not „alien“ or even an „esoteric New Age movement“, but rather calling me with the exploration, life and figures of all visible and invisible energies and forms of life our earth and nature to employ.

Surely you are familiar with the names of Hans Haas sound, Heinz Sielmann and Jacques Cousteau. These three naturalists have discovered a lot of secrets of animal and marine worlds, which were hidden from us by then and we disclosed it as a documentary „truth“ about the medium of film and explained. We saw the pictures shown as a reality and as a part of our lives and the world. Before this time, we could only guess and speculate. But through their research and in-depth and intensive observations they could tell us a world and identify which was hitherto unknown and mysterious for us. That man is very interested in the mysteries of the world, demonstrated the success of the television series „Mysteries of the Sea“ by Jacques Cousteau and „expedition into the animal kingdom“ of Heinz Sielmann. They and many other scientists, explorers and adventurers have all of us reveals much of the true secret of our earth and explained.

Another well-known scientist was the German naturalist Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859). He was co-founder of geography, which is sure to come in perhaps known as phrase „geography“ of the school.

At school, the lessons in geography or geography gives amongst others the topics construction, geological development and structure of the earth’s surface and its core, but also the processes in the interior and on the surface of the earth and its impact on climate, continents, countries, and the population, and in general the relationship of the earth, man and Nature. This science explains the geographical area, ie the natural environment, and how this our life, our development and our social and economic commitment influenced and shaped. Thus, the geography of the visible energy (earth, fire, water, vegetation, weather), but also with the „not“ visible energy (air, wind, heat, cold, underground earth movements) of our planet and its impact, the concerned ourselves people and among others agriculture, climate change, alternative energy, growth, composition, structure and architecture of cities, development aid, tourism, vegetation and natural habitat and influence.

This small introduction should serve you to get to know more closely the geomancy as art and to experience relationships, linkages and relationships with well-known areas.

As I mentioned earlier, is the geomancy of the preamble for the topics that are on the earth in relation to life. So subdivided for me geomancy in the following areas:

Geomantic House Design

Geomantic Landscaping

Geomantic Landscape Planning

Harmonic architecture and geometry


Theory of perception

Geomantic urban and settlement planning

Natural forces and phenomena of the earth

Rhythms, cycles and rituals of ordinary time, in terms of building, housing and life

The field of geomantic house design may be areas of knowledge, such as Astrology, enhance music, color theory and biology, and include these for the benefit of man and space with. Some of the aforementioned disciplines, harmonic architecture and geometry, radiesthesia, natural forces, rhythms, cycles and rituals, as well as perception, very important, and the pillars that the for the achievement of the housing and living space in, in my view, along with the complementary fields of knowledge, planning, construction and design can also be considered.

Since each location, each plot, each planning and the resulting space, its design and appearance, the natural environment, as well as every person is unique, with its characteristics, traits and needs, it said portions of geomantic creating living rooms would profitably individually for their own living – and habitat, both for private and commercial spaces to involve.

From my book: „The birth of space“ (Die Geburt des Raumes) publishing company Neue Erde

Stephan Kordick